Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SmudgeFest Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Smudgefest! For all the details on the challenge, please visit the first post. Thank you all so much for participating in yesterday's challenge! What an amazing variety of projects! We are stoked to move on to today's challenge and see what you can muster up, and hope you are as well.

Welcome to Day 2 of SmudgeFest!! 
The Challenge: TRASHY TUESDAY 
Create a project by upcycling some of your trash! Be sure to pick something that is obviously trash (i.e. soda can, bottle tops, bread closure tabs, etc.). 

The Prize:


Time to get trashy! Remember, be sure to link up by midnight tonight to qualify for the daily (and grand) prize. Then check back tomorrow for the new theme. 


  1. SmudgeFest Day Two - whew! Can't wait to see what the S&S Team challenges us with on Wednesday!

  2. This was a real challenge, but a fun one!!!!