Friday, August 9, 2013

Smudgefest Day 5

Woo Hoo!!!!! It's Friday, and not only is it the end of the work week (hopefully), it also brings us to the beginning of the end: Day 5. Three more Smudgefest Challenges folks. Only three days until we give out that fabulous Grand Prize! Are you excited? I know we are!

How are you all feeling today? Is the mojo flowing? We hope so, cause it will help you out in today's challenge! 

Ready to Play? Here is our Day 5 challenge!

The Challenge:

Create a project using a flowing medium. Some examples could be watercolor, liquid ink, liquid glues, thinned out acrylics, etc.... use your imagination and let the juices flow!

The Sample: 

sample by David Alex West using watercolor

Smeared Ink stamp sets used: Elementals

The Prize:

Remember, be sure to link up by midnight tonight to qualify for the daily (and grand) prize. Then check back tomorrow for the new theme. Have Fun!


  1. WOW! Gorgeous sample! Glad I won't be gone like I thought because this one isn't so easy. Does the whole thing have to be in flowing medium? xxD

  2. I can´t play anymore this weekend! I´m staying at my mums house watching puppys when she is away. It feels really boring! have fun!

  3. I had trouble with this challenge...I usually use design papers for my backgrounds and I don't like to get messy, lol! But, for the sake of Smudgefest I got out my watercolor crayons and water and came up with a drippy mess that actually looked pretty good when it dried. Thanks for forcing me out of my comfort zone on this one.

  4. You and me both, Wendy! I seriously need a drink! CHEERS! xxD

  5. Ditto on this being a challenging challenge. Learning so much about what my phone can do. Think I am really understanding what they mean when theyccall it a smart phone. Looking pretty grim this morning but going to bed a happy camper.

  6. Forgot to say that I love the sample. Really beautiful!