Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Toys.....

Ok so I got my new, well new to me, Misty Benson sets from Smeared Ink a few days ago and couldn't wait to play!  Problem was I didn't know what to do.  I only have the one set of Copics,which I am rectifying one payday at a time, but none of the colors I have screamed use me loud enough that I wanted to pay attention to them so..... I dug through the drawers and pulled out my prisma color pencils, none of them were screaming loud enough either, but then I heard it.  On one side of the craft room there was a faint, hello did you forget about us, and then on the other side I heard it also.  So I went looking and guess what I found, watercolor crayons and pencils.... Yep I used them.  Now your probably thinking, watercolor really, there so dull!  Well you have never seen me watercolor.....LOL  no really, I have some very very very bright colors.  Anyway I couldn't pass up this image to share today as she is protecting her teddy from whomever may try to take it!  I love it!  Hope you enjoy!
please excuse the photo, when I went to take pictures, the camera has dissappeared and when I did find it, in my daughters room, it was dead so this is from my phone....I will get better ones when the camera charges!!!


  1. this is so cool! I just love those colors!!

  2. I LOOOOOVE the way this turned out! BTW...for copics check out OOZAK.com. Register for free and get a cheaper price.