Monday, August 8, 2011

Smudgefest Grand Prize and Day 7 Winner

Well, you all made it through Smudgefest! We were so stoked to see all the fabulous projects come through this week, and we will be catching up on comments during the next few days. Thank you to all who participated and who visited to support your fellow crafters!

Just a note, if you added Calypso to your blog post for Day 7, please remove the image from your post. We had her available as a freebie for a limited time and that time had passed. Thank you so much! But, I know what you all want to hear right now :) So, let's get right to the winners!

First, our Day 7 Winner

We used to generate our winner:

The winner is.......SUSAN at Crafty Chaos!
Congratulations! Please email Terra to claim your prize!
Okay, now down to the Grand Prize Drawing! We had 13 participants complete all 7 days of projects, and they are:
1. Ike
2. Laura
3. Susan Crafty Chaos
4. Jane
5. Croms
6. Don't Do Straight
7. Alex
8. Freddie
9. Lisa
10. Susan G
11. Lady B
12. Eternal Princess Ryan
13. Dianne

Here we go...We used to generate our winner:

The winner is.......ETERNAL PRINCESS RYAN aka SARA!

Congratulations! Please email Terra to claim your prize!
Well there you have it folks! If you are one of the winners from this week and you have not received your prize, please don't fret. We will have all of them out by tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.
Thanks again for a fabulous challenge!!!


  1. OMG!!! You are kidding right? LOL! I can't believe it! My mind went blank... the woman of many words... is speechless!!!! OMG... Thank You so much! I have sooooooo much coloring ahead of me!!!

    Congrats to Susan for being the winner of Day 7!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Susan and Sara!!!
    enjoy yer spoils, ya skallywags! :)


  3. Congratulations Sara and Susan and all other winners what a great week we had