Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where My Peeps At?

Happy Tuesday! I know Easter has come and past, but it was still on my brain last night, so my creation for today is very "Easter Cutesie"....I 'hop' you don't mind! (HA! I 'crack' myself up....oh my, I did it again. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Today I have a project that I put together using recycled materials. This is the first time I've used a lot of these materials, so I hope you like it. My main ingredients are crushed egg shells left over from our dyed Easter eggs, an empty mini milk carton that used to be filled with Reese's Pieces, Gesso, lots of Mod Podge, some paper, some ribbons, some brads, a Li'l Grumpie, hot glue and some buttons - i know, that's a whole lot of stuff!

First I broke down my carton and covered it in a light layer of Gesso. I knew I was going to cover it in egg shells so i just applied enough to mask the bright orange color of the carton.

I crushed my egg shells so I had different sizes and shapes...

Then I mod podged my carton and rolled it in the egg shells. I applied a very thick layer of mod podge on top of the shells to give it a nice shine and to keep them from flaking off.

After drying, I applied some tea stain and china distress inks...

For my grumpie: He was stamped on a goldenrod card stock and colored with prisma color markers and a white gel pen. I used glossy accents on his eyes for that shiny look :) The last few touches were adding the ribbon, sentiment, brads, and flower buttons....

Here's the finished product! :)

Here's a shot of the carton with peeps in it  :)


  1. this is amazing!! Cool idea to use the colored shells, now I wish I would have saved ours.

  2. This is so cool Tori! My girls didn't color eggs until last nite, so I am going to have to try this. And, I love your mortar & pestle!!!