Thursday, April 7, 2011

CD Pendants

Today I tried a new technique I have just been dying to do...
I altered pieces of CDs to make necklaces!!! how cool are these?

I made the skull one first....not bad for a first try...I used alcohol inks and layers of UTEE....then I made the heart one...again alcohol inks and layers of UTEE...both my stamps came from the Quoth the Raven stamp set....a fave of mine!
and now to finish them off with ribbons and beads...I wanted to make some home made paper beads but didn't think about it until the last min....I'll post pics when/if I do :)

thanks for taking a peek! now go hop onto the forum and check out some other amazing work!


  1. Love it! would like some more info in this. Did you stamp into soft Utee? Looks really cool! xxD