Friday, March 4, 2011

Breaking Out Some Old Favorites

Greetings fellow Smeared and Smudgers! I am so happy it's Friday! I could practically smell the weekend. Today, my offering uses 2 of my favorite Smeared Ink sets: Chicks Dig Guns and Holy City. I love mixing sets together. This is what I came up woth this time around.

I colored Tori (yes! That is actually Tori!) in with colored pencils, and I added a touch of color to the cemetery using chalk.

I also inked and smudged the heck out of eveything else, 'cause that's how I roll! Can I just say that I want to be a stamp? Like, have a stamp image of me... How rad would that be? Hint, hint Terra and Tori! ;)

The bullet holes were the final touch. I thought about using brads or eyelets, but the "holes" are much better here. I hope you enjoyed my card for today. Thanks for stopping by! Have an inspiring day!

1 comment:

  1. Great combo of stamps, Alison! and I had no idea that was Tori. How cool! LOVE the bullet holes. Perfect touch! LOL xxD