Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dragon day.....

Today i wanna share with you all another of my mixed media wall pieces, i have a thing about these at the moments.... as they are made of small elements i can work on a bit at a time for just a few minutes here and there.... but todays is different cos it has no skulls, no Mr Poe.... no creepy bits at all!
Todays piece is Vintage.... i have used images from SMEARED INKS digi set SMITTEN..... and teamed them with a London/England/ Victorian theme. There is a tonne of 'stuff'' on here.... lace and pearls..... flowers and hearts.... butterflies.... oh my... i'm going girly!
I hope i have inspired at least one of you to use up your scraps.... all your bits and bobs.... broken jewelry, tiny off cuts of fabric.... anything you have laying around.
See you next week here, or sooner on the SMEARED AND SMUDGED FORUM.


  1. wow you are so inspiring! I must try to do one of these! they look so fun!

  2. Love it-look at all the sweet details. It does look like a great method to use up your little bits and pieces of art goodies :)