Thursday, March 3, 2011

thursday with lisa

hello and welcome to thursday with lisa. i'm getting a jump start on easter. i made this bag using occasions lil grumpies from smeared ink. now that i see it in the picture i wish i added some blue or green yarn too. anyway, i dipped the yellow yarn in a mixture of white glue and glitter, then rolled it, placed it on the bag, and after it dried i glued it to the bag. for the orange yarn i rolled it then glued it on the bag. if you plan on doing something like this, then dip it in the white glue first, it made it easier because it makes it stiff and easier to glue down. i painted the grumpies feet and ears with arylic paint. for the tag i used digi paper from crafty chaos designs. i again painted the feet and ears with the arylic paint, well it was still wet i dusted it with glitter. enjoy! don't forget to join us at the smeared and smudged forum! lisa

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