Sunday, February 22, 2015

A bit of POE on Sunday

Its the dragons turn to post today,
any of you who had a look at the February members blog hop
will know I played with stamps and clay for it,
making 3 projects but only showing 2 on the day.....
I kept POE for today.
 The hope theme was CRACKED AND BROKEN,
all the stamps used are SMEARED INK... including the word 'broken'...
this was another clay piece i had to actually break to get the required 'crack'.
I am amazed by the detail that you can get with these stamps..... look at the photo below... 
SMEARED INK STAMPS are quite honestly SUPERB quality.
Thanks for stopping by today....
there'll be another project from another designer tomorrow....
Don't forget to get your projects into our 
ANYTHING GOES challenge, February is a short month so times running out!


  1. Beautiful how this ended up! Love the deep impression of the stamp.

  2. I so love your stamping in clay, BD! You're sure right about the detail of the SI rubber. Fabulous! xxD