Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday 13th DT inspiration: Love Sick Grumpie altered domino!

  Happy Friday the 13th!
Today is my turn to inspire you and encourage you to come and play in our monthly Anything Goes challenge but first how good are you with a butterfly net?  It's chaos over on my LeighSBDesigns blog right now where a horde of love sick Grumpies are running amok during the finale of Smeared Ink's Bloody Valentine blog hop!  Pop on over and bring your net with you!  But first let's take a closer look at a Love Sick Grumpie so you know what kind of beastie you're looking for ;0)

This is a Love Sick Grumpie...try and catch him if you can!
I used super-sized white dominoes to create my balloon toting horde which feature Smeared Ink's Love Lil Grumpies rubber stamp set.  The balloons I drew myself and the text on each one is also from the Love set!

Come and play in our current challenge which you can find HERE!

Happy Stamping!
Leigh S-B


  1. Oh man, this is great! I love this altered domino! Makes me want to go try it out w/ the Grumpy! You did a great job Leigh! TFS!

    1. Thanks KristyLee, I'll never tire from creating with my lil Grumpies ;0)

  2. The heart shaped tongue and those huge eyes get me every time.

    1. LOL, LJ, that his little heart he's holding between his antenna but it totally does look like a tongue doesn't it, puts a different spin on it ;0)

  3. OMG!!! This is adorable!!! (I totally missed that it was Friday the 13th.) xxD