Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dragonday again

Its the old Dragons turn to post again and i thought i'd share with you something a bit different for me..... one the forum we are having an ART SWAP..... so i am sharing with you today the reverse side of mine.... which is, as we speak, winging its way to Terra.
This side is painted with acrylic ..... and has blue, aqua and white (paint) swirls stamped all over it.
I used the GODDESS rubber stamp set for this as their hair hair being a mass of swirls was perfect for this job..... but i had a devil of a time getting the paint out of the little nooks and crannies. I made a clay face and painted it to match.... put little gems around it instead of hair and HEY-PRESTO my water goddess..... which is one side of my character.... peaceful, calm and soothing.... but i am also deep, stormy, wild and very unpredictable.
I shall reveal the other side in two weeks when its dragons day again..... and i'll reveal more of the real me..... these ART DOLLS are dangerous things!
Thanks for looking love lynx