Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Forever Friends

Hello everyone, sorry I am late today.  I had a wonderfully long weekend vacation and am running a little behind.. Today I am showing a “scrapbook” I am working on.  As most of you know I spent my long weekend vacation in NY visiting Alison and her family and while there we went to the Long Island Children’s Museum. It was so fun!  Anyway, I knew I wanted to scrap the pictures that were taken and also start scrapping the 17 gagillion boxes of pictures I have so why not start now!!!  Anyway, I knew this had to be something that wasn’t just an 8x8 page or a 12x12 page and I had these lying around so this is what I am doing….
I am taking this…
and turning it into a scrapbook.  As of now I just have one section started and it isn’t done, but I wanted to show you to give you an Idea of what I was doing.  I am thinking of doing both sides and hanging it from the ceiling in my craft room, what do you think?  Then again if I do one side I can hang it on the wall…. decisions decisions…. Ok so for the first one, Alison and I took a picture together that reminded me of the fun house mirrors at a carnival so that is what I went with.  Right now all I have on the section is the paper and the words which came from the Carnies set over at Smeared Ink.  The picture is added digitally but I will have them printed out soon!!! 
What do you think?  Good idea? Bad idea? Throw it out? Keep it?  I need opinions as I am just getting into the scrapping thing!!!

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