Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday with Kelli/Mary Jewel!!!

Hello everyone, welcome to Tuesdays with Kelli as we take a little side tour with Mary jewel my daughter.  I was crazy busy this past few weeks getting back from one vacation and preparing for another.  Finishing project that I knew were due while I was away, a huge pile by the way.  So here I am in the middle of preparing hands for a fat book swap, making ATCs for another swap, 30 of them, and getting cards ready for various other reasons and I remember IT’S MY TUESDAY!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, so my wonderful, lovely, talented daughter says, that’s ok mom I can help you!!!  And help me she did, She made this weeks card for you using the Killer Bo Peep set from Smeared Ink.  She did a wonderful job if I do say so myself as the proud mommy!!!
Now she told me she didn’t want it to say anything because she couldn’t think of anything for it to say right now so that’s why it doesn’t say anything!!!  I love the grey and black roses that the sheep is standing in!  I also love the way she colored peep with her acid yellow hair!!!  The background paper I can’t remember where that came from but the cardstock is SU.  Please leave her some love!!!

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