Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Its my day to share something with you again... and as i said 2weeks ago.... heres the other side of my ART DOLL..... Mr Poe as you've never seen him before....his head/face are from the wonderful SMEARED INK...QUOTE THE RAVEN rubber plate..... his body has titles of some of his stories on.... and his limbs have images that, to my mind depict these stories.
The 2 sides of my doll are vastly different.... like my personality really..... see you again in 2 weeks..... keep safe love lynx

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  1. Haha, Im hearing ya on the two sided personality Lyn, but perhaps 'multi-faceted' sounds less schizo - that's what I'm telling myself, anyway! Great job on the Poe doll - unusual and interesting ... just like you I imagine :) And, I think I need the Quoth the Raven set, too!